Promoting Teamwork, Confidence, and Good Health.

Loc League offers instruction in Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, and T-Ball as afterschool programs. Club sessions range from 45-60 minutes and meet once a week during the school year.

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Why Loc League?

Growing up in Montana, I always looked forward to the warmer months when I could play outside. I grew up with two brothers, and we joined every league and played any sport that would take us -including bowling! The long hours we put in for conditioning, practice, and games weren't easy, but it sure was worth it.

The impact that sports have had on my everyday life is immeasurable.

What We Do

We encourage teamwork through exercises and drills that focus on communication with another. Players work in tandem or in small groups to foster bonding. In addition, these activities help the players in scrimmage and on the field of play.

We build confidence by celebrating wins and showing support for teammates by encouraging each other to keep trying and not give up. Coaches break it down on fundamentals and support the players to do their best and demonstrate not to be afraid of failure in order to improve one step at a time.

We show that movement can be fun and rewarding! Players have fun with physical activities through the incorporation of different equipment and drills at each session. In addition, coaches and players work together to provide positive energy to build on teamwork and confidence.

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